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  • Tap or click the lit rooms to enter a scene
  • Tap or click objects when they light up after a dance is finished
  • Press the replay to view a dance again, and the 'zoom-out' to return to main view
  • Drag the main view to navigate
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anfractuous is an interactive dance media artwork currently in development, created by Jennifer Salk and Martin Jarmick.  It invites viewers to activate the choreography through choice and play.  Similar to a game, the piece is experienced through a mobile device or computer.
The devlog below is a place to view our progress as we get closer to the finish line.   For now, a browser version is available and eventually you will need to download the project for mobile or desktop.  Please test the project and provide suggestions and constructive feedback.  We also love to hear what you like and what is working well for you. Thank you for engaging with anfractuous!

Choreographer: Jennifer Salk

Performers / Choreographic Contribution: Natalie Fernandi, Imana Gunawan, Sean O'Bryan, Mike Majinn O'Neal

Composer: Paul Matthew Moore

Live Cinematography: Adam Hogan

"Felt like I was holding a one-of-a-kind music box... the phone suddenly gains depth which adds to a precious object-in-hand feeling"
-Andrew Theisen, Unity3D Engineer

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
AuthorM. Jarmick


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